Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth - We need more

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America,home of the incarcerated land of the warmonger 

Ukraine’s President Poroshenko Taking Orders from The CIA:Obama's National Security advisor Brzezinski a cold war relic and self confessed Russian hater leading Ukraine into Civil War.

Obama's National Security Advisor a Russian Hater

Self-defense forces in Gorlovka, E.Ukraine, claim shooting down Kiev SU-24 bomber jet — Poroshenko continues war against Ukrainians.

Ukrainian SU-24 shot down by self-defence forces

Protesters turn over Russian diplomats’ cars, drag down flag at embassy in Kiev:US footprints all over this protest:Ukrainian's will rue the day they chose to dance with Empire.

Paid protesters outside Russian Embassy in Kiev

49 Ukrainian troops killed as transport plane downed in Lugansk:Pressure from IMF,EU,USA force Poroshenko to go to war with it's people.

Ukraine jet carrying troops shot down