Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Angela Merkel's Disastrous Part in the Greek Crisis : Angela Merkel’s conduct during the Greek crisis exposes her as weak, indecisive and treacherous: evading responsibility putting off difficult decisions taking the line of least resistance and bullying the weakest party to get herself out of trouble. The result has been to land Germany and Europe with a situation in Greece that everyone agrees is unsustainable and in the end disastrous.


Ukraine’s Right Sector Preparing to Strike Against the Government : No signs of the Right Sector backing away in the wake of the Mukachevo shootout with the police - on the contrary.


​Iranian nuke deal: Breath of fresh air for Tehran — Tehran and six leading world powers have finalized a nuclear agreement. Unless Iran breaches the deal, the International Atomic Energy Agency will confirm it. This ends decades of antagonism towards Iran. What is in store for the Islamic state : RT Business


New Top Official's Resignation in Greece Over Disagreements on Bailout / Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime Affairs and Tourism of Greece, Manos Manousakis, handed in his resignation Wednesday, citing disagreements with the government’s policy on the bailout deal with creditors, according to a document obtained by RIA Novosti.

Merkel Dealt Deadly Blow at Home as IMF Rebuffs Greek Bailout Deal / German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been dealt a heavy blow after the publication by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of a damning report highly critical of the Greek bailout, which is likely to spell danger for her at home.