Saturday, 23 August 2014

How In The World Did We Get To The Point Where The Federal Reserve Is Printing Money Out Of Thin Air Whenever It Wants : Corporate Greed and Corporate Welfare via Tax Havens : These treasonous corporations ship our jobs overseas and setup dummy head offices in some remote island in the Caribbean to avoid paying tax : Criminals and Gangsters and Congress is on Board

Corporate Greed and the end of the American Dream

Western Propaganda Exposed as Russian Convoy ‘Invades’ Ukraine with Humanitarian Aid | Western MSM using Joseph Goebbels playbook,trying to convince the world that Russia want's to take over Ukraine : The USA and EU have already done that : US has no facts but,relies on social media for confirmation : Global Research

Western propaganda straight out of  Joseph Goebbels playbook

US and NATO Threaten Moscow as Russian Aid Convoy Crosses into Ukraine | Ukraine should be allowed to determine it's future, as long as it chooses EU : Global Research

EU economy disastrous forecasts

Friday, 22 August 2014

American's Ask: How Did We Become Vladimir Putin's Bitch : Russia does not fear any country's military.

Putin : There's my Bitch

McCain says Putin has no respect for Obama | The Russian President does not respect weakness : As a former KGB colonel,speeches and words do not impress him.

Obama,my American bitch