Saturday, 16 August 2014

Operation Pillar of Defense began four days ago. On Saturday, hacktivist group Anonymous launched a massive attack on over 700 Israeli websites.Israel faces 44 million attacks on websites in response to Gaza offensive — RT News

IDF hack attack after Operation Pillar defence

Over 300 Survivors and Descendants of Survivors of Victims of the Nazi Genocide Condemn Israel’s Assault on Gaza |313 Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide have signed this letter written in response to Elie Wiesel’s manipulation of the Nazi Genocide to attempt to justify the attacks on Gaza : Global Research

Holocaust survivors condemn Gaza Assault

State of emergency, curfew declared amid Ferguson protests — African-Americans live in a state of fear of been shot by cops,who are there to "Serve and Protect" :RT USA

A nation of African-Americans living in fear of been shot by cops

As Moscow banned food imports from the West,Turkey: ‘We’re ready to increase food exports to Russia’ — “Turkey is a major supplier of food and agricultural produce to Russia. It is ready to increase its food exports to Russia if necessary,” Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci said in an interview with World News : RT Business

Turkey ready to increase food exports to Russia

Choco the Clown and Putin the President - When the US decides he is becoming ab embarrassment,he will like Maliki step down and go count his money : World News

The circus in Kiev and Poroshenko the US clown