Saturday, 25 October 2014

Vladimir Putin Is The Leader of the “Moral World”: Confronts Washington’s “Extra-legal Right to World Hegemony” | Compare Putin to the corrupt war criminal in the White House or to his puppets in office in Germany, UK, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, and you will see the difference between a criminal clique and a leader striving for a humane and livable world in which the interests of all peoples are respected : Global Research

President Putin leader of the moral world

Exclusive....Exposed!!! The Parliamentary Paedophile Ring Protected By The British Government And the Monarchy : God save the Queen

The paedophile ring protected by the Monarchy since 1970 

Friday, 24 October 2014

The forgotten coup - How America and Britain crushed the government of their 'ally', Australia — Kerr was not only the Queen’s man, he had long-standing ties to Anglo-American intelligence. He was an enthusiastic member of the Australian Association for Cultural Freedom, described by Jonathan Kwitny of the Wall Street Journal in his book, 'The Crimes of Patriots', as, "an elite, invitation-only group... exposed in Congress as being founded, funded and generally run by the CIA". The CIA "paid for Kerr's travel, built his prestige... Kerr continued to go to the CIA for money":RT Op-Edge

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CIA informant John Kerr and the Prime Minister Gough Whitlam

BBC News - Ukraine and Russia reach gas 'consensus'


‘US should live up to its own laws’ – The US should live up to its own laws in regards to arming other countries, specifically considering its own policy on Israel, which has, according to the world-renowned academic Noam Chomsky, itself been violating both US and international law : Noam Chomsky