Saturday, 11 October 2014

‘Ditch euro, defend Italy’s sovereignty!’ Eurosceptic leader calls for referendum — The leader of an influential Italian Eurosceptic political party, the Five Star Movement (M5S), says he will collect one million signatures required to petition the Parliament to conduct a referendum on Italy leaving the Eurozone as soon as possible : RT News

Grillo to gather one million signature's 

ISIS : A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home - Through terrifying headlines and shocking videos, ISIS is being used as a tool to justify war in the Middle East and to cause fear and panic worldwide. No, this is not a “crazy conspiracy theory”, it is simply the oldest trick in the book. ISIS was created by the very forces that are fighting it : The Vigilant Citizen

Osama bin Laden the CIA agent that led the mujahideen freedom fighters in the war against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan later went on to be the worlds most wanted terrorist 

Babbling Obama injures BRICS but strengthens Putin - The U.S. has clearly and imprudently declared war on Vladimir Putin and Russia, but since a year this havoc has only reinforced domestically the Russian president and strengthened his ties with the wise politicians who rule the great republic of China : English

President Obama and his legacy of lies 

Hong Kong Protests: Now the Hard Part, Kick out the US, Build National Consensus | When protests in Hong Kong exploded people looked for US involvement. It was not hard to find. The overt intrusion of the US is available in budgets, documents and websites; the covert involvement has not yet been uncovered but is no doubt there : Global Research


Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” Fooling No One | Martin Lee was previously in Washington D.C. before an audience at a talk organized by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED). He is now a prominent co-organizer of street demonstrations he plotted with his counterparts in Washington earlier this year : Global Research

Occupy Hong Kong leaders funded and trained by US to destabilize China