Saturday, 30 May 2015

Clinton is so Yesterday – Warren is Today But Does it Really Matter? | Hilary's arrogance vs Elizabeth's truths.

Hillary Versus Jeb: Are Political Dynasties Transforming The USA Into A Constitutional Monarchy?“There is something profoundly disturbing about the prospect of another Clinton or Bush presidency”

Friday, 29 May 2015

US Lawmaker: Dead Russian Soldiers in Ukraine Are Eaten by Putin : It's now certain that Russian President "Big Bad" Vladimir Putin is actually Hannibal Lecter and has taken to eating Russian soldiers and rumored to have financed the construction of the Great Wall of China and anything else that comes into their heads.

Cambridge University Press Reluctant to Publish Putin-Bashing Screed : Her publishers reply : “given the controversial subject matter of the book, and its basic premise that Putin’s power is founded on his links to organised crime, we are not convinced that there is a way to rewrite the book that would give us the necessary comfort.”

Reuters Sounds the Invasion Alarm Ahead of EU Review of Russia Sanctions :European Union sanctions against Russia are up for renewal. To prevent them from being lifted some additional NATO propaganda hyping the Russia threat and warning of an imminent invasion if Ukraine is necessary.