Saturday, 2 August 2014

Evidence Is Now Conclusive: 2 Ukrainian Government SU-25 Fighter Jets Did Shoot Down that Malaysian Airliner. No 'Buk' Missile Ground-Shot Was Involved.

Two SU-25 shot down MH 17

ITAR-TASS: Russia - Sukhoi to sign another contract with India on fifth generation multi-role fighter

India and Sukhoi Joint striker

Report finds government agents 'directly involved' in many U.S. terror plots | Police State USA

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FBI involved in terror plots

Israel may face war crimes trials over Gaza | The world must show that genocide is not and will never be tolerated : World news | The Guardian

Israel must face war crimes tribunal

Israel 'Withdraws Some Troops From Gaza' : Israel must be like a mad dog says Moshe Dayan : Well it has certainly succeded


Israel the Rabid mad dog