Saturday, 30 August 2014

Facts withheld regarding the MH17 Malaysian airlines crash. Dutch Government Refuses to Release Black Box Recordings | As of Aug. 25, the Dutch government has refused to release the recordings. (RIA Novosti, Aug. 25) This, of course, immediately raises suspicions that the Kiev junta forces were responsible for the crash : Global Research

Netherlands withholding crucial information about MH17

Destabilizing Russia, A Nuclear Power: Is the U.S. Trying to Implement “Regime Change” in Russia? | Their (US and NATO) clear aim is to surround Russia, to weaken Russia in the long run [and] to bring about regime change in Russia : Global Research

US trying regime change in Russia using sanctions

Washington Post Editorial Page, Meet Noam Chomsky :Chomsky’s point is that Western elites carve out an obvious exception for themselves–they deem their own countries “to be uniquely exempt from the principle of universality…. The crimes of enemies take place; our own do not, by virtue of our exemption from the most elementary of moral truisms.”

Noam Chomsky political activist

Massive 60% stock market correction coming: “period of extreme turmoil” - Buckle up, because there is no stopping what is coming. The signs for an impending catastrophe can no longer be ignored

The economic crash of 2014 is upon us

Zionist Puppet Obama Promises War with Iran “Within One Year” - Weather you voted for him or not,one things for sure,no one could have anticipated this : Obama 's not a Democrat or Republican,his a Zionist : The Great Deceiver,is how history will record him.

The Zionist in the Oval Office BHO