Saturday, 23 May 2015

Greek FinMin Warns "Euro Will Collapse If Greece Exits", Says Italy Is Next | "Italian officials, I can't tell you from which big institution, approached me to tell me they backed us but they can't tell the truth because Italy also risks bankruptcy and they are afraid of the reaction from Germany," he said. : Zero Hedge

Towards a European Spring | Europe is in a mess. Our economies are failing to deliver higher living standards for most people – and the fortunate few who are thriving don’t always deserve to. Unemployment is scarily high, especially among young people : World News

Tick-Tock, the Greek time bomb is about to go off as the last meeting didn’t end well : Late last night, a meeting between France, Germany and Greece came to an abrupt end after the parties once again failed to come to some sort of agreement on the terms to make the additional emergency financing accessible for Greece

Russia-Crimea Bridge Already under Construction - The 19-km bridge will link Crimea to Krasnodar in "mainland Russia" through the Kerchen Strait, which connects the Azov and the Black Sea -

Friday, 22 May 2015

A Few Thoughts About Tomorrow - In order to avoid boring you with calculations, I’ll sum up by saying that Ukrainian economy’s stabilization requires something on order of $180-200 billion. That’s just to keep the economy afloat in its current state. No way would it be sufficient to promote growth : Fort Russ