Saturday, 9 August 2014

£30,000 cheese order stranded as Russia import ban bites — Western attempts to isolate Russia failing dismally,Russia and Iran sign food for Oil agreement by-passing dollar : So the US goes back to bombing Iraq and other impoverished third world countries that can't fight back : Here is a list of countries that the US can bomb,Nauru,Fiji,Solomon Islands,PNG,Norfolk Island,without fear of any defence,US stick to what you are good at,and stay away from the Russian Bear

Putin's warning of sanction's boomerang affect 

'Spreading the truth': Spanish volunteers join fight against Kiev in E. Ukraine : The US backed and trained Fascist in Ukraine have been trained by the former Blackwater merc's now in East Ukraine

Spanish volunteers join the fight against the Nazi's and Fascist in Kiev

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Little Lies |It is easier to accept the lies, nobody wants to be heartbroken. It is hard to accept that you been duped, that you have been lied to , that the world is a dangerous place and it cannot fit into easy understandable, predictable and controllable ways. The real world is harsh, it is cruel, it has no pity and accepts no excuses or good intentions : World News

Who is controlling this man

Politicians Lie all the time,it's part of the job,but has Barack Obama taken it to a new level : Caroline Kennedy thinks so "I can't stand to hear his voice anymore,he's a liar and worse": Never in my wildest dreams would i have thought a Kennedy would say that about one of their own : Lying Liberal Media Tries to Spin Obama's Vicious Political Ad, "They Both Do It."

When a President looses credibility,everybody stops listening,when a Kennedy calls a Democratic President a liar and cannot stand to listen to him anymore,your in trouble

A Google Hangout with Secretary of State John Kerry : Weather Obama is the worst President ever is debateable : But there is no doubt that John Kerry is the worst Secretary of State : Kerry went to the middle east for peace and what we got was an Israeli genocide a failure of monumental proportions : Does this guy know what his doing :

Clueless in Seattle