Saturday, 15 November 2014

Aust, Japan, US rebuke Putin over Ukraine : Western puppets keep saying that the have bullet proof intelligence that the separatist shot down MH 17 ,but when asked to produce it, they can't,because they don't have any : The western alliance or ass lickers of America's used car salesman and pathological liar Barack Obama need to put up or shut up.

America's lapdogs out in force to insult The President of Russia

Tony Abbott: The mad Englishman ruining Australia - Section 44 of Australian constitution precludes members of parliament from being a dual national. MPs must sign declarations for the Australian Electoral Commission stating that they are eligible under our constitution to stand for election to parliament : World News

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Tony Abbottt is a British Citizen and by the Australian constitution cannot be Prime Minister 

The West's mad, mad world - It seems these days, not an hour passes where the Western vassal presstitutes regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot contain themselves from attacking him. Neither do the MSM sock puppets : English

Barack Obama and his sock Puppets at the G20 bash Putin meeting

Ukrainian army to rise against Poroshenko and Kiev junta - English

Ukraine's Nazi leader US installed puppet Poroshenko will be toppled by military  

​BRICS say failure to enact IMF reforms damages institution’s legitimacy — RT Business

The western alliance unable to accept that a NWO has emerged and that they need to adjust to the situation