Saturday, 7 February 2015

Powerful Documentary on the People of Donbass and why NATO will be in a Tough Fight Should it Invade the Region | We will never live under Nazi rule : Veterans Today

Ukraine Crisis Mounting: On the Edge of War : The crisis in Ukraine continues to mount leaving the world to wonder where this is all headed. Government buildings throughout the eastern Ukraine have been taken over by pro-Russian militants. Is Ukraine on the edge of war or is there a peaceful way out.


Lavrov's Munich speech (full transcript): "There is a strong irritant in the Euro-Atlantic, which we will have to get rid of" - Fort Russ

Sarkozy: Crimea cannot be blamed for joining Russia — Concerning Kiev’s hopes of joining the EU in the near future Sarkozy voiced the same position as had been previously expressed by some EU leaders. “It is not destined to join the EU," he said. “Ukraine must preserve its role as a bridge between Europe and Russia : RT News


Moscow: "We will continue to develop relations with Greece, without confrontation with the EU" - Politics - News - New Zealand Herald